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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Friday 27th August 1999: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 98-9/8 (already circulated)
    • Timing of Part III projects (CJBF)
    • Transferable skills (JACB/SRJ)
    • Guidelines for essay writing
    • Links with Dept of Education (JRW)
    • Supervisions: Circulation of staff (MSL); model answers
    • Scheduling of joint Chemistry Pt III Options
    • IB Single Subject -- questionnaire + publicity (CJBF)
    • Finalisation of Course Handbook
    • New material for demonstrator training: (RDES)
  2. Arrangements for Teaching
    • Retirement of Ted Nelson.
    • Resignation of Paul Prendergast.
    • Preliminary ideas on the Teaching Office.
    • The start of the year.
    • Secretaryship/Chairmanship of TC next year.
    • New Members and duties.
  3. Examinations
    External Examiners' reports; matters arising from Staff Meeting on Examinations.
  4. Organization of Part II Class
    JRW to report.
  5. Brief items
    • Observations from L.M.Brown on IA Teaching.
  6. AOB
    Date of next meeting(s)