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The Optoelectronics Group of the Cavendish Laboratory brings together several research groups interested in the fundamental materials and device physics of novel classes of organic semiconductors, hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite semiconductors as well as other functional materials, that could help addressing these challenges. These materials typically contain weakly van-der Waals bonded molecular units, that can be tuned by chemical design and give rise to unique physical properties and phenomena, including molecular quantum effects as well as strong coupling between electronic excitations and vibrational dynamics. Our focus is on understanding these phenomena in their full depth using a broad range of experimental approaches supported by theoretical simulations and to exploit them for applications in large-area electronics, optoelectronics, bioelectronics and renewable energy technologies.

More detailed information about specific research interests can be found on the OE website (above).

Image and Credit: Laser, Optoelectronics group