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Atacama Large Millimetre Array

The ALMA submillimetre array
ALMA image of the Antennae nebula

ALMA Project website

About the Project

  • ALMA is a submillimetre interferometer at the Chajnantor site in the Atacama desert at 5100 metres above sea level.
  • The principle research areas are millimetre and submillimetre imaging and spectroscopic observations of star-forming regions in our own Galaxy, in nearby galaxies, and in the very distant universe. These observations provide an unobscured view of the cold universe.

Cavendish AP Group involvement

  • The group is actively involved, hosting the UK's project scientist, Dr. John Richer. The overall Project Scientist, Professor Richard Hills was on a 5-year secondment to the project in Chile for the construction and commissioning phases.
  • The group has developed phase correction techniques based on the water vapour radiometry method.