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The Cavendish Astrophysics Group carries out a wide range of research programmes centred on four major areas each linked to experimental and instrumental programmes.  The areas and the associated facilities are:

The Formation of Stars and Planets

Observational Cosmology of the Microwave Background Radiation

The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

High Resolution Imaging of Stellar Systems and Active Galactic Nuclei

These activities are supported by theoretical studies into fundamental physics applications in Relativity and Cosmology and modelling and simulation of astrophysical phenomena. With the arrival of Roberto Maiolino as Professor of Experimental Astrophysics and Didier Queloz as Professor of Physics, the instrumentation programme will expand into new projects in the IR, mm and submm wavebands.



Subject to the long-term plans of the future of the Lord's Bridge Observatory, there are opportunities for the development of a Radio Astronomy Heritage and Education Centre, building on existing outreach facilities.

Image and Credit: Lagoon Nebula – M8 -  It is a giant interstellar cloud within our Galaxy, 4–6000 light-years away from us. The image was one of the entries for Cavendish Photography competition 2022 by Dávid Puskás