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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Lithography room

A better than Class 100 lithography room allows <0.5-μm resolution to be routinely achieved across 4-inch substrates.



UHV sputtering facility

UHV sputtering with <10-10 torr base pressure and substrate temperatures of -200C to 900C allows a range of materials to be deposited with different stoichiometries. Materials used include Nb, Ta, Al, NbN, Mo, Hf, Ir, Cu, Au, SiO2, SiO. RIE with laser endpoint detection used for pattern definition. A complete end-to-end 4-inch process is available for large-format imaging arrays.




Full cryogenics and RF test facility allows device measurement and characterisation from 10mK to 4K. Facilities include Oxford Instruments dilution fridge at 10mK, Janis ADR at 80mK, pulse-tube-cooler and dilutor for 80mK, He3 absorption systems for 300mK. These refrigerators are equipped for microwave, submillimetre-wave, and far-infrared device measurements.