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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory
Dr. Sebastian  Ahnert
Gatsby Career Development Fellow
King's College, Fellow and Director of Studies
+44 (0)1223 337377
Dr Mohamed  Al-Hada
Affiliated Lecturer
Senior Research Associate
+44 (0) 1223762397
Professor Paul  Alexander
Professor in Astrophysics
Head of Astrophysics
Fellow of Jesus College
+44 (0)1223 337477
Dr Miguel  Anaya
Junior Research Fellow at Darwin College
Marie Curie Fellow
+44 (0)1223 337287
Artacho's portrait
Professor of Theoretical Mineral Physics
Fellow of Clare Hall
+44 (0)1223 337461
Professor Mete  Atature
Professor of Physics
Fellow, Director of Studies and Tutor at St. John’s College
+44 (0)1223 766465
Prof Crispin H. W.  Barnes
Professor of Quantum Physics
Head of Thin-Film Magnetism
Fellow of Girton College
+44 (0)1223 764822
Dr. Richard  Batley
University Senior Lecturer
Fellow of Christ's College
+44 (0)1223 337434
Professor Jeremy J Baumberg
Professor of Nanophotonics
Director of the Nanophotonics Centre
Director of the Nano Doctoral Training Centre (NanoDTC)
Fellow of Jesus College
+44 (0)1223 337441
Dr Benjamin  Béri
University Reader, Departments of Physics and DAMTP
+44 (0)1223 337258
Professor Sarah E Bohndiek
Professor of Biomedical Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory
Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Fellow of Corpus Christi College
+44 (0)1223 337267
Dr Chris  Braithwaite
Teaching Laboratories Innovator
Senior Research Associate
01223 337208
Dr Oleg  Brandt
University Lecturer
+44 (0)1223 337242
University Lecturer in the Departments of Chemistry and Physics
+44 (0)1223 336697
Dr. David  Buscher
Reader in Experimental Astrophysics
+44 (0)1223 337302
Dr Chris  Carilli
Chief Scientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, New Mexico, USA
John Baldwin Director of Research, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK
+44 (0)1223 337306
Professor Claudio  Castelnovo
University Professor of Theoretical Physics
Fellow, Trinity College
+44 (0)1223 337433
Dr. Kevin J Chalut
Royal Society University Research Fellow, Cavendish Laboratory
Principal Investigator in the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
+44 (0)1223 337256
Dr Chiara  Ciccarelli
Harding University Lecturer
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Winton Advanced Research Fellow
Fellow and Director of Studies of St Catharine's College
(+44) 1223 3 37496
Professor Pietro  Cicuta
Head of Biological and Soft Systems
Corpus Christi, Fellow
Chair of IOP Biological Physics group
+44 (0)1223 337462
Prof. Jacqui  Cole
Royal Academy of Engineering Research Professorship in Materials Physics
Head of Molecular Engineering Group
+44 (0)1223 337470
Dr Rosana   Collepardo-Guevara
University Lecturer, Department of Chemistry
Affiliated to the Department of Physics
+44 1223 (7)47371
Professor Nigel  Cooper
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Fellow of Pembroke College
+44 (0)1223 765127
Professor Russell  Cowburn
Professor of Experimental Physics
+44 (0)1223 337436
Advanced SNSF Fellow
+44 (0)1223 337371
Dr Eloy  de Lera Acedo
Principal Research Associate in Astrophysics
Head of Cm-wave Radioastronomy and Novel Sensors Group
Head of Class Part IB Physics Laboratory
+44 (0)1223337365
Dr Felix  Deschler
Winton Advanced Research Fellow
Herchel Smith Research Fellow
Dr Claire  Donnelly
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Hughes Hall Research Fellow
Dr Sian E Dutton
Reader in Physics and Solid State Chemistry
Fellow, Jesus College
+44 (0)1223 764159
Prof. Erika  Eiser
Professor in Soft Matter Physics
Fellow of Sidney Sussex College
+44 (0)1223 337263
Dr. John  Ellis
Reader in Surface Physics
+44 (0)1223 337205
Dr Tijmen Godfried Euser
University Lecturer
Fellow of Magdalene College
+44 (0)1223 747039
Professor Chris  Ford
Professor of Quantum Electronics
Professorial Fellow of Girton College
+44 (0)1223 337486
Professor Sir Richard  Friend
Fellow of St. John's College
+44 (0)1223 337218
Dr Diana  Fusco
University Lecturer in Biological Physics
Fellow, Girton College
+44 (0) 1223 337435
Professor Valerie  Gibson
Professor of High Energy Physics
Fellow and Director of Studies at Trinity College
+44 (0)1223 337373
Dr. David  Green
Senior Lecturer
Fellow, Churchill College
+44 (0)1223 337305
Professor Neil  Greenham
Professor of Physics
Deputy Head of Department (Facilities & Resources)
Fellow and Director of Studies at Clare College
+44 (0)1223 766301
Prof. Ben  Gripaios
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Fellow, Kings College
+44 (0)1223 761014
Prof. Malte  Grosche
Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
Fellow of Trinity College
+44 (0)1223 337392
Professor Zoran  Hadzibabic
Professor of Physics
Trinity College, Fellow and Director of Studies
+44 (0)1223 337004
Royal Society University Research Fellow
+44 (0)1223 764042
Professor Chris  Haniff
MASt Course Director
Professorial Fellow & Director of Studies in Physics, Downing College
+44 (0)1223 337307
Dr Louise  Hirst
University Lecturer, Department of Physics and Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
+44 (0)1223 331538
Professor Mike  Hobson
University Professor
Fellow of Trinity Hall College
+44 (0)1223 339992
Dr Andy  Irvine
Senior Research Associate
Fellow of Girton College
+44 (0)1223 337555
Dr Agnieszka (Aga)   Iwasiewicz-Wabnig
Maxwell Centre Director of Partnership Development
Fellow of Hughes Hall
Cambridge Enterprise Champion
+44 (0)1223 761669
Dr. Andrew  Jardine
Reader in Experimental Physics, Department of Physics
Fellow and Director of Studies, Fitzwilliam College
+44 (0)1223 337207
Dr. Hrvoje  Jasak
Gianna Angelopoulos Lecturer in Scientific Computing
+44 (0)1223 337 273
Professor Ulrich F Keyser
Director of Graduate Education
Professor of Applied Physics
Fellow of Gonville and Caius College
+44 (0)1223 337272
Professor Tuomas  Knowles
Professor of Physical Chemistry and Biophysics
Fellow of St John's College
Professor Austen  Lamacraft
Professor of Theoretical Physics
+44 (0)1223 337378
Professor Anthony  Lasenby
Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology
Fellow of Queens' College
+44 (0)1223 337293
Dr Alpha  Lee
Winton Advanced Research Fellow
+44 1223 (3)37458
Dr. Christopher  Lester
University Senior Lecturer
Fellow and Director of Studies at Peterhouse
+44 (0)1223 337232
Professor Roberto  Maiolino
Professor of Experimental Astrophysics
Director, Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge
+44 (0)1223 761661
Professor Alexander  Mitov
Professor in Theoretical Physics
Fellow of Emmanuel College
+44 (0)1223 337620
Professor Richard  Needs
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Professorial Fellow of Robinson College
+44 (0)1223 337384
Professor Nikos  Nikiforakis
Professor of Computational Multiphysics
Fellow, College Teaching Officer and Director of Studies in Mathematics, Selwyn College
+44 (0)1223 339841
Dr Andreas  Nunnenkamp
Royal Society University Research Fellow
+44 (0)1223 337479
Dr. Rachael  Padman
University Lecturer
Fellow of Newnham College
+44 (0)1223 337310
Professor Andy  Parker
Head of Department
Professor of High Energy Physics
Professorial Fellow of Peterhouse
+44 (0)1223 337429
Professor Mike  Payne
Professor of Computational Physics
Fellow of Pembroke College
FRS, HonFInstP
+44 (0)1223 337381
Professor of Physics
Fellow of Clare College
+44 (0)1223 337342
Professor of High Energy Physics
Fellow and Lecturer at Newnham College
Director of Studies at Newnham College
+44 (0)1223 337475
Professor Didier P Queloz
Professor of Astrophysics
Fellow at Trinity College
+44 (0)1223 337083
Dr Akshay  Rao
Harding University Lecturer
EPSRC Early Career Fellow
Winton Advanced Research Fellow
(0) 12233 747364
Professor John S Richer
Professor of Physics
Teaching Fellow in Physics at Downing College
Director of Undergraduate Education in Physics (2013-2019).
UK Project Scientist for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) (1999-2012)
+44 (0)1223 337246
Professor David  Ritchie
Professor of Experimental Physics
Head of Semiconductor Physics
Fellow and Director of Studies in Physics at Robinson College
+44 (0)1223 337331
Dr. Siddharth  S Saxena
Principal Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory
Director, Cambridge Central Asia Forum
Fellow Commoner, Jesus College
Affiliated Lecturer, Centre of Development Studies
+44 (0)1223 337379
Dr. Ulrich  Schneider
University Reader in Many-body Physics
Director of Undergraduate Education
Fellow & Director of Studies at Jesus College
+44 (0)1223 337239
Dr. Suchitra  Sebastian
Professor of Physics
+44 (0)1223 747380
Professor Ben  Simons
Herchel Smith Professor of Physics
Fellow of St John's College
+44 (0)1223 337253
Professor Henning  Sirringhaus
Royal Society Research Professor
Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics
Fellow of Churchill College
+44 (0)1223 337557
Professor Charles  Smith
Professor of Semiconductor Physics
Professorial Fellow of Clare Hall
+44 (0)1223 337483
Dr Sam  Stranks
University Lecturer in Energy and Royal Society University Research Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology.
Affiliated Lecturer, Cavendish Laboratory
Fellow, Clare College
+44 (0)1223 337288
Dr. Michael  Sutherland
Affiliated Lecturer
Fellow of Corpus Christi College
+44 (0)1223 337389
Dr. Sarah  Teichmann
Director of Research
+44 (0)1223 337253
Professor Eugene  Terentjev
Professor of Polymer Physics
John Baldwin Fellow and Director of Studies, Queens' College
+44 (0)1223 337003
Professor Mark  Thomson
Executive Chair of the Science and Technology Facilities Council
Professor of Experimental Particle Physics
Professorial Fellow of Emmanuel College
+44 (0)1223 765122
Dr Alice  Thorneywork
Oppenheimer Research Fellow
Dr Melissa  Uchida
University Lecturer in Particle Physics
Head of Neutrino group
+44 (0)1223 337236
Royal Society University Research Fellow
+44 (0)1223 337453
Professor Mark  Warner
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Fellow and Director of Studies at Corpus Christi College
+44 (0)1223 337380
Dr David M. Williamson
Principal Research Associate
+44 (0)1223 337209
Professor Stafford  Withington
University Professor in Analytical Physics
Emeritus Professorial Fellow of Downing College
+44 (0)1223 337393