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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

 Annual Thesis Prizes for Postgraduate Students

The Abdus Salam Prize for Postgraduate Student Research has been donated to the Department to be presented to a Research Student at the Cavendish. It is awarded annually to recognise outstanding work by PhD students, on the basis of a peer-reviewed paper reporting research undertaken by the student at the Cavendish.

 Since the academic year 2019-20 the Cavendish has supplemented the award to establish three prizes which are intended to recognise the full breadth of computational, experimental, and theoretical physics research conducted within the department. The contributions of the students are assessed by members of the Postgraduate Education Committee. The prize winners present their award winning work during the yearly postgraduate student conference usually held at the end of Michaelmas term in each academic year.

 Each prize comes with a cheque of 500 pounds. For the Abdus Salam Prize the money is donated by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK. The Cavendish Prizes are covered by the Head of Department.

Prizewinners 2020-21

Abdus Salam Prize in Experimental Physics

Sascha Feldmann (OE) - Nature Photonics

Cavendish Prize in Theoretical Physics

Clara Wanjura (TCM) - Nature Communications

Cavendish Prize in Computational Physics

Antonios Alvertis (OE) - Physics Review

Prizewinners 2019-20

Abdus Salam Prize in Theoretical Physics

Andrea Pizzi (TCM) - Physical Review Letters

Cavendish Prize in Experimental Physics

Raj Pandya (OE) - ACS nano

Cavendish Prize in Computational Physics

Herschel Chawdhry (HEP) - Physical Review D

Prizewinners Abdus Salam Prize 2008-2019

2018-19 Christoph Eigen
2017-18 Dedalo Sanz Hernandez
2016-17 Felix Benz
Kerstin Gopfrich
2015-16 David Sutherland
2014-15 Carsten Schulte
2013-14 Alexander Gaunt
2012-13 Stuart Moulder
2011-12 Naaman Tammuz
2010-11 Lars Boyde
2009-10 Stefan Palzer
Petra Vertes
2009-10 Gareth Conduit
2008-09 Tuomas Knowles

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