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Department of Physics

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Theory of condensed matter physics

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The Theory of Condensed Matter Group (TCM) carries out world-leading research under three general headings:

  • collective quantum phenomena,
  • first principles quantum mechanical methods
  • Soft matter

Our research interests constantly evolve to address new theoretical challenges, some arising from experiments performed in the Cavendish and others from elsewhere. For instance, Payne and his colleagues have developed ONETEP, a quantum mechanical code that offers state of the art accuracy, the cost scaling only linearly with system size.  This allows quantum mechanical simulations of biological systems.  The group has an outstanding record for training young researchers, twenty eight members of the group having taken up permanent academic appointments within the last nine years and fourteen within the last five.

Collective Quantum Phenomena


Collective Quantum Phenomena
Condensed Matter Theory Portfolio Partnership
Quantum Mechanical Methods
Soft Matter

Image: A twisted bilayer of hexagonal boron-nitride. The moiré polar domains have nontrivial topology, forming a network of polar merons and antimerons.

Image Credit: Theory of Condensed Matter Group