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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Visiting the Laboratory

All visitors to the Laboratory should report to the main reception desk. The Reception staff will sign you in and contact your host to collect you or give you directions to the relevant location. You must sign out  when you depart.

Map of the site - The Main Reception is marked with a small red arrow.

Additional maps are available here

Car Parking

There are minimal provisions for visitors car parking on the Cavendish site. Please contact your host to arrange parking prior to your visit. If you have booked a parking space.

Information on finding your way to the Laboratory

Visiting the Museum

The Cavendish Museum is embedded in a working research and teaching laboratory and access is strictly limited. Visits are by prior arrangement only and are subject to staff availability.

We regret that we are unable to accommodate any visits from third party organisations such as tour operators and language schools.

The museum displays are only suitable for children aged 15 or over that are studying for an examination in physics and all children must be under adult supervision. For a virtual tour of what is on display in our collection follow the link to, the outreach portal to a virtual view of the Cavendish.

We do not offer tours of the working laboratories.

Groups of four (4) or smaller must pre-book by calling the Cavendish Reception (+44 (0)1223 337200). Please book before travelling to avoid disappointment.

For parties of more than four (4) please see for further informaton and restrictions.

There is no parking on the Cavendish site for Museum visitors and we recommend that public transport is used.

Wireless Access

Wireless access can be provided to official visitors to the Department.

In most cases your host will be able to provide you with a guest account to the UniOfCam wireless network. This will allow normal web access although there are some port ranges that are blocked, more detail can be found here.

If your host is not sure how they can generate a visitor ticket, this is the link.

For larger number of visitors, again your host should be able to contact the relevant authorities.