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In Nanophotonics, new materials are constructed in which atoms are arranged in sophisticated ways on the nanometre-scale.  The NanoPhotonics Group (NP) is one of the most recent groups in the Cavendish and is part of the EPSRC-funded UK NanoPhotonics Portfolio in Cambridge.  Research conducted at the Laboratory includes:

  • Nano-plasmonics
  • Polymer photonic crystals
  • Semiconductor Microcavities
  • MetaMaterials
  • Nano - Self Assembly

Assembling nano-chunks of matter into sophisticated structures creates nano-materials with emergent properties not found in their constituents, but is a major technological challenge. One of our goals is moving from expensive fabrication of devices to elegant nano-assembly in which materials ‘build themselves’.

This convergence of NanoScience/NanoTechnology with Photonics is highly interdisciplinary across all Physical Sciences and beyond, including NanoScience, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Healthcare, Materials as well as Physics.



Elastic Photonic Crystals
Nano-Plasmonic Surfaces
Semiconductor Microcavities

Image and Credit: Biomimetics, Nanophotonic Group