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Department of Physics

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Cavendish HEP Group involvement

  • A visualisation of the E8 Lie groupThe theoretical side of the Cavendish High Energy Physics group has established and maintained an international reputation in Standard Model (SM) and Beyond-Standard-Model (BSM) phenomenology (that is, theory with relevance to current or future experiments). We have close contacts with the Cavendish experimental high energy physics group and with the more mathematical theory group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), for example through theCambridge Supersymmetry Working Group. There are also collaborative projects with groups at CERN and elsewhere in Europe.
  • The signature of a Higgs bosonOur recent work in SM phenomenology has included detailed studies of the structure functions of the proton with particular relevance to LHC physics, novel applications of QCD including diffractive production of heavy states and multiple parton interactions, the resummation of enhanced terms to all orders in perturbation theory, and the matching of such resummations (including numerical shower simulations) to fixed-order results. In BSM physics we have been working on black hole production in theories with extra spatial dimensions, developing good discriminators between different BSM scenarios, exploring supersymmetric theories that explain baryogenesis, dark matter, and unification, and developing the theory of extended Higgs sectors. In much of our activity we work closely with experimentalists, especially the Cavendish ATLAS and LHCb teams whose experiments are a part of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.
  • A list of the members of the group and further details of our research can be found on the Theory Group home page.