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Department of Physics

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Thin Film Magnetism

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The Thin Film Magnetism Group (TFM) is at the forefront of ultrathin magnetic film and magnetic nanostructure research. Major research areas include magnetic mesostructures and spin transport.

We investigate novel magnetic properties and spin-polarized electron transport phenomena in molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)-grown magnetic film structures, including ferromagnet-semiconductor hybrid structures. In particular we are exploring the fundamental electron spin-dependent transport processes which underpin the emerging field of spintronics and are pioneers in the development of nanomagnetism for biomedical applications.

The group is well equipped to characterise and fabricate nanomagnetic structures. We can fabricate magnetic materials using an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) multiple technique chamber, electro-chemical deposition, MBE, and so on. We also have characterisation facilities such as SQUID, low-temperature MOKE, spin detector chamber, and other tools.


Magnetic Mesostructures
Spin Transport

Image Credit: Thin Film Magnetism Group