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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Physics of Medicine 

Mouse blastocyst displaying expression of the Nanog genes

The Physics of Medicine (PoM) building is the hub of a major expansion of research activity in the University of Cambridge at the interface between biology and medicine. PoM provides the major biology and chemistry infrastructure required to enable biological and biomedical research, building bridges from Physics to many other Departments of the University, both at the West Cambridge site and beyond. Researchers working in PoM have strong links to groups in the Schools of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine, as well as major University initiatives, including leadership of the Centre for Physical Biology and the Precision Health Initiative.

Access to the extensive research facilities of the PoM building is available for external users. Interested parties should contact the PoM Laboratory Manager, Tim Fitzmaurice, in the first instance.

Researchers and Staff associated with PoM

Gemma Bale

Diana Fusco

Pietro Cicuta 

Sarah E Bohndiek

Ulrich F Keyser

Eugene Terentjev

Tuomas Knowles

Mete Atatüre

Helena Knowles 

Russell Cowburn FRS