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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

The dilution unit of a dilution refrigerator. The temperatures achieved at different places are indicated.We have a number of cryostats which are used for detailed low temperature transport measurements, these systems are equipped with the highly sensitive electronics required for measurements of this nature. The cryostats include:

  • Five dilution refrigerators where samples can be cooled to temperatures as low as 7mK in magnetic fields of up to 15T. Several of these have cables suitable for high frequency excitation and measurement.
  • A scanning probe dilution refrigerator which allows samples to be cooled to 20mK. A novel low temperature sample fabrication and modification technique known as 'Erasable Electrostatic Lithography' has been developed with this instrument.
  • Three helium 3 systems reaching temperatures of around 300mK.
  • Three pumped Helium-4 systems for measurements down to 1.5k in magnetic fields up to 8T, one of these systems has optical access.