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Cavendish ambassador Programme

The Cavendish Laboratory is entering a period of growth and transformation as it prepares to move to its new, state-of-the-art facility – the Ray Dolby Centre. During these exciting times, Cavendish Communications is also expanding its efforts to reach out to its varied audiences. We plan to expand our social media presence and we have just launched ourselves on the hugely popular social channels Instagram and TikTok. Expanding our presence on different platforms will also require development and creation of a diverse range of communication content. The visitors on these platforms are most keen to know more about Cavendish from people who are part of it and can share through their own experiences.

In order to encourage relevant content on these channels, we are launching the Cavendish Ambassador programme, which is open to all current Cavendish students and postdocs.


What will Cavendish Ambassadors do?

The Cavendish Ambassadors will play a key role in creating interesting content around physics, physics research and other activities at the Cavendish. They will bring in their first-hand academic and research experiences to help craft better stories for the Cavendish social media channels – TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, and the website. In future, we may expand the scope of publishing this content on other digital media channels after due announcements. 

Some examples of the kind of content that Cavendish Ambassadors can create include (but is not limited to):

  • Sharing their student experiences including other activities
  • Research and experiments at the Cavendish (with due approvals from the supervisors/mentors)
  • Giving virtual tours of the Cavendish facilities including labs, and/or related sites (with approvals from supervisors and lab/facility manager)
  • Interesting concepts about physics that can be easily understood by the general audience
  • Cavendish discoveries and history 

All the content created by the Cavendish Ambassadors will be duly credited to the individual ambassadors, on the channels that the content is posted on. The Ambassadors can also re-post (or share) those pieces on their own channels. Further, any interesting content on an ambassador’s channel may also be reshared or reposted on the Cavendish channels. Generally, the expectation will be either of 1 original video or 2 original images with description in a month from a Cavendish Ambassador. 

The Cavendish Ambassadors will not be responsible for posting on or monitoring the social media channels. However, one of the ambassadors can be an admin for the social media channels with due consent from the communications working group.


Benefits of being a Cavendish Ambassador

It does not matter whether an ambassador has any past experience or not. All we are looking for is an interest and passion in creating physics and physics research related content for the different channels in varied formats. During their time as a Cavendish Ambassador, the ambassadors will receive full support to create original, beautiful, curious, aesthetically pleasing and intriguing content (images, videos etc.).

As part of the Cavendish Ambassadors programme -

  • The Ambassadors will receive regular training to create compelling digital content in different formats. This may include basic video making techniques, editing or shadowing other staff and content creators
  • Cavendish Ambassador programme will be voluntary – hence, the ambassadors can include this as a volunteer experience in their CV
  • At the end of the programme, the ambassadors will receive a certificate validating their participation for the tenure
  • There will be regular networking drinks every 3 to 4 months where all the ambassadors can meet each other and discuss their ideas. 
  • At the end of each year, there may also be an offsite** for all the Cavendish Ambassadors. The offsite may include a masterclass from a (science) communication expert.
  • The training sessions will impart transferrable skills such as communications and leadership skills, which in general are sought after by employers. 

The tenure of a Cavendish Ambassador will be for 1 year minimum or shorter upon mutual consent, if unavoidable circumstances arise. There will be possibility of renewal for maximum up to the length of association with the Cavendish Laboratory. 


Who can be a Cavendish Ambassador?

Cavendish Ambassadors can be current Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, and Research staff. 

It is not essential for the potential ambassadors to have any past experience in creating digital or communication content - however, they should have an interest and passion for creating physics and physics research related content for social media channels. Any past experience in creating content, whether amateur or more advanced, should be included in the application form.

Some of the qualities and attributes of successful ambassadors may be:

  • good communication skills
  • willingness to learn new skills and tools
  • good team player
  • flexibility
  • patience
  • reliability
  • good organisational skills
  • a good sense of humour


How to become for the Cavendish Ambassador Programme? 

The application is a 3 step process mentioned below - 

  • Step 1 - Fill in the Application form here.
  • Step 2 - Attach a minute long video explaining “Why do you think you will make a good Cavendish Ambassador?”. The video can be attached in your application form.
  • Step 3 - Budding Ambassadors will be invited for a short 20 mins discussion to finalise their induction. 


Any question ?

For any query about the programme, please get in touch with us at 

Image Credit: Pexels