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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

The Toshiba Research Laboratory was established at the Trinity Science Park in Cambridge in 1991 under the direction of Professor Sir Michael Pepper, formerly head of theSemiconductor Physics group at the Cavendish Laboratory. A major aim of this research centre was, in collaboration with researchers in the Semiconductor Physics 

group, to develop novel devices which directly exploit the laws of quantum mechanics in their operation. This research has been highly successful with over 200 joint papers being 

published, a number of them in high-impact journals such as Science, Nature and Physical Review Letters. A series of novel electronic and opto-electronic devices has been fabricated in the Semiconductor Physics group with measurements undertaken at the Toshiba Laboratory using state-of-the-art optical and electrical measurement systems. An important feature of this collaboration is the involvement of PhD students who spend significant time working in both a university and industrial environment. Recent developments have been in the field of 
quantum information, and in collaboration with the University Department of Engineering in speech technology and computer vision.