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Agenda 1999 05 24

Monday 24th May 1999: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 98-9/6 (already circulated)
    • Female students' meeting
    • Part II Experiments
    • Classing in Parts II and III - Faculty Board suggestion
  2. Guidelines for examiners 
    SFG to report on recent feedback.
  3. Supervisions
    Report from E.Marseglia for Lent 1999.
    Comments from A.Howie.
  4. Comsultative Committee
    Matters arising from meeting of 20 May.
  5. Teaching changes for 1999-2000
    Gravitational Astrophysics Philosophy of PhysicsComputational Physics 
    Possible new Minor Options? ( PBL, MCP)
    New synopses.
    Choice of IB lectures for Saturdays
    Themes lectures.
    New synopses.
    Status of Course Handbook (VG)
  6. Examiners and Classes for 1999-2000
    Proposed assignments have been circulated. Some changes are needed.
  7. Part II Atomic and Light
    Report on any progress from JRW.
  8. Review of Computational Physics
    Report from SFG.
  9. Maths for NST
    IA syllabus -- SFG to report on exchange with N.Linden.
  10. Brief items
    • Moderation of IA Practicals DAG
    • Assessment of Part II Literature Reviews (E-mail from D.Khmelnitskii).
    • Transferrable skills (report of the General Board's working party).
    • Learning and Teaching Support Network.
    • Organization of `Teaching Office'
    • JRW leave L,E 2000.
  11. AOB
    Date of next meeting(s)