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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Monday 15th February 1999: 14:00 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 98-9/3 (already circulated)
    • Part IA A/B Maths Syllabus - SFG to report on progress.
    • Smith Prize? - MSL
    • Teaching Budget? - MSL
    • Long Vacation Projects - inconsistency between Part II/III.
    • Part III Options with Chemistry - progress from PBL?
  2. Guidelines for examiners 
    SFG to report
  3. Supervisions
    Report from E.Marseglia.
  4. Teaching changes for 1999-2000
    Settle changes to lecturer assignments
  5. Review of Waves and Optics
    Report from JRW.
  6. Teaching of Shock Waves option
  7. Review of Computational Physics
    Report from SFG.
  8. Examination Skills
    Draft from DRW/DAG enclosed.
  9. Draft Subject Review Report
  10. Year Group Reports
    Part II (any others?)
  11. Visit of Jon Ogborn
  12. AOB
    Date of next meeting(s)
    Printer for Teaching labs?