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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Physics Teaching Committee Agenda


Friday 15th July 2005 3:30 - Mott Seminar Room

  1. MMA of 04-05/7
    • Part II Course Organiser (WA)
    • Quantum Condensed Matter Physics (WA)
    • External Examiners (MSL)
    • Philosophy of Physics (MSL)
  2. Matters arising from the Examinations and Supervisors meeting (WA) 
  3. Physics Course Handbook (NG) 
  4. Draft Lecture List, list of examiners, and Heads of Classes (RJN) 
  5. Entrepreneurship course (WA) 
  6. Mathematics for NST (MH) 
  7. Themes Lectures (BDS) 
  8. AOB 
    • Date of next TC meeting(s)