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Agenda 2003 07 07

Physics Teaching Committee Agenda


Monday 7th July 2003 14:00 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 02-03/6
  2. Items to report to the TC (WA) 
    • General Board decision on new 1B Physics course and Maths qualifying mark
    • Student allowed to proceed to Part III Physics
  3. Report from Further Years Working Party on Part II (WA) 
  4. Report on Part III Projects (WA) 
  5. Arrangements for payments to non-UTOs for undergraduate lecturers (WA) 
  6. Draft Lecture List for 2003-4 (RJN) 
  7. Progress on Course Handbook (VG) 
  8. Form and Conduct Notice for 1B (WA) 
  9. Syllabuses for 2003-4 (VG) 
  10. Discussion Paper on the Teaching Environment (VG) 
  11. Proposal for new Multimedia Projector (WA) 
  12. Staffing Loads (JE) 
  13. AOB 
    • Date of next TC meeting(s)