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Agenda 2002 05 06

Physics Teaching Committee Agenda


Monday 6th May 2002 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 01-02/4
    • IB Advanced Electromagnetism course (JRW)
    • Entrepreneurship (MW and WA)
  2. Teaching duties 
    • Pt II Class/Physics in Action (JRW)
    • Classes and examining for 2002/3 (JRW and RJN)
    • Discussion leaders for Exams meeting (RJN)
    • Integration of Dr Mahajan into the teaching programme
    • Letters from Drs Julian and Phillips (JRW)
  3. The Physics Course Handbook (MPH
  4. Course revisions/proposals 
    • Revised syllabus from Dr Cooper
    • Biological Physics syllabus from Drs Duke and MacPhee
    • Proposal for enlarged and examinable 1B Mathematical Physics Classes
      (PBLMWRJN and BDS)
  5. Report on Special Staff Meeting concerning teaching (JRW
  6. Astrophysics proposals 
  7. Draft entry for the Reporter (RJN
  8. Part II/III Supervisions (JRW
    • Report from Dr Chaudri
  9. The Bologna Declaration (MSL
  10. TC membership 
  11. Brief Items
    • Stockholm exchange (JRW and WA)
    • Aspiration funding (MSL)
    • Date of supervisors' and examination review meetings (RJN)
    • Form and Conduct Notices - new procedures (JRW)
  12. AOB 
    • Date of next TC meeting(s)