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Agenda 2001 03 19

Monday 19th March 2001: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 00-01/4 (already circulated)
    • TC membership and duties(JRW).
    • Progress with secretarial assistance
    • Possible changes to IB (advanced)
    • Space in Rutherford (MSL)
  2. Teaching Changes for next year
    (JRW to report)
  3. Consultative Committee
    Items raised at the Lent 2001 meeting.
  4. Part III Project Report forms
    Draft from JAC Bland for approval
  5. Supervisor Training
    Report on the training session (JRW/WOS
    Circulation to supervisors
  6. Part IA Review
    Report on meeting with DoS's and subsequent progress (JRW/MSL).
  7. Physics Education
  8. Minor matters 
    • Selection for restricted Pt II (JRW)
    • Examinations for shared Pt III courses (JRW)
    • Problems with Long Vac Vivas (DRW/JRW)
    • Delay of TP1 marks (DRW/JRW)
  9. AOB
    Date of next TC meeting(s)