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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

The Cavendish Laboratory proudly hosts the Cavendish Physical Society lectures.


  1. 14th October - Prof Nikos Nikiforakis 
    'Exactly what is Computational Multiphysics?'
  2. 21st October - Dr Louise Hirst 
    'Space photovoltaics challenges: fundamental to applied'
  3. 28th October - Dr Benjamin Béri 
    'Hidden structures in a model of many-body quantum choas'
  4. 4th November - Dr Oleg Brandt
    'Hunting dark matter through the Higgs portal with the Atlas experiment and beyond'
  5. 11th November - Prof Sarah Bohndiek
    'Seeing early cancer in a new light'
  6. 18th November - Prof Claudio Castelnovo
    'Looking for signatures of quantum entanglement: spin liquids at finite temperature'


  1. 20th May - Prof. Denis Weaire
    'How does foam flow?' 
    (Hi-res) (Lo-res)

  2. 13th May - Prof. J Roy Sambles 
    'Electromagnetic surfaces - from butterflies to battleships' 
    (Hi-res) (Lo-res)