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The Cavendish Laboratory is pursuing an exciting and ambitious development programme designed to maintain and enhance all areas of excellence in research and teaching in physics and physics-related disciplines. These range from student and research support funds to large programmes as part of the current reconstruction of the whole Laboratory, the Cavendish 3 programme, described on the web-pages entitled Ray Dolby Centre (link needed).   It also includes enhanced outreach to schools, young people and the general public. More details of the future programme of the Laboratory in all areas are included in CavMag18 which can be found at:

The programme is continually evolving in response to new challenges and these are regularly reported in the twice-yearly editions of CavMag which are at:

We are actively seeking support for the future continuation and development across the full spectrum of our activities. If you would like to support us by making a gift, of whatever size, we will be most grateful.


How you can contribute

If you would like to discuss how you might contribute to the Cavendish’s Development Programme, please contact either Professor Malcolm Longair ( or Professor Andy Parker (, who will be very pleased to talk to you confidentially.

On-line Giving

The University’s Office for Development and Alumni Relations (CUDAR) has made it easier to make donations on-line to the Department and to two of our special programmes.   If you wish to make a donation to the Department, please go to:

If you wish to support the graduate student programme, please go to:

If you wish to support our outreach activities, please go to:

If you would like your gift to be applied to some other specific aspect of the Development Programme, please contact Andy Parker or Malcolm Longair.  The Development portfolio is described in CavMag18 and can be viewed online at:

Postal Giving

Alternatively, you can make a donation by cheque or credit card via our postal donation form.

US Tax Payers

If you are a US taxpayer you may prefer to donate via Cambridge in America. Cambridge in America is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation (recognised by the US Internal Revenue Service) that funds grants that benefit the University of Cambridge and its member colleges and departments. Gifts to Cambridge in America qualify for an income tax deduction to the limits allowed by law. You can give online or by post within the US via the Cambridge in America gift form. Please state when making your gift that you would like your donation to support the Cavendish Laboratory Development Programme.


A Gift in Your Will

One very effective way of contributing to the long-term development of the Laboratory’s programme is through the provision of a legacy in one’s will. This has the beneficial effect that legacies are exempt from tax and so reduce liability for inheritance tax. The University provides advice about how legacies can be written into one’s will. Go to:

and at the bottom of the page there is a pdf file entitled A Gift in Your Will.

It is important that, if you wish to support the Cavendish, or some specific aspect of our development programme, your intentions should be spelled out explicitly in your will. We can suggest suitable forms of words to match your intentions. Please contact either:
Malcolm Longair (
Gillian Weale (

who can provide confidential advice.


If you would like to discuss how you might contribute to the Cavendish Development Programme, please contact either:

Professor Andy Parker, Head of the Cavendish Laboratory, 
Professor Malcolm Longair, Director of Development, Cavendish Laboratory,

who will be very pleased to talk to you confidentially.

Thank you very much for your interest and support!