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David Ritchie is Professor of Experimental Physics and a Fellow of Robinson College in Cambridge. He is also Professor of Semiconductor Science and Technology at Swansea University. He received his first degree, in physics, from the University of Oxford in 1980 and his D Phil from the University of Sussex in 1986 studying the physics of mixtures of liquid 3He and 4He at milli-kelvin temperatures. Since then he has been working on III-V semiconductor physics and has extensive experience of the growth, fabrication and measurement of low dimensional electronic and optical structures. He has been co-author of over 1100 papers and was awarded the 2008 Tabor medal and prize by the UK Institute of Physics for distinguished research in surface or nanoscale physics. In 2020 he was elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

Curriculum Vitae


The physics and technology of III-V semiconductors including:

  • Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
  • MBE growth on patterned substrates
  • High mobility two-dimensional electron and hole gases
  • Quantum transport in low-dimensional structures
  • Terahertz quantum cascade lasers
  • Terahertz nanoscopy
  • The interaction of THz radiation with quantum devices
  • Self assembled InAs quantum dots
  • Single and entangled photon sources for quantum information
  • Single photon detectors
  • Topological insulator materials for quantum devices


Key publications: 


"Highly efficient surface-emitting semiconductor lasers exploiting quasi-crystalline distributed feedback photonic patternsSimone Biasco, Andrea Ciavatti, Lianhe Li, A Giles Davies, Edmund H Linfield, Harvey Beere, David Ritchie, Miriam S Vitiello, Light: Science & Applications, 9, 54, 9th April 2020.

"Quantum teleportation using highly coherent emission from telecom C-band quantum dots",M Anderson, T Müller, J Huwer, J Skiba-Szymanska, AB Krysa, RM Stevenson, J Heffernan, DA Ritchie, AJ Shields, npj Quantum Information, 6, 14, 31 Jan 2020.

"Demonstration of electron focusing using electronic lenses in low-dimensional systemYan Chengyu, Michael Pepper, Patrick See, Ian Farrer, David Ritchie, Jonathan Griffiths, Scientific Reports, 10, 1, 12th January 2020.

"Continuous-variable tomography of solitary electrons"JD Fletcher, N Johnson, E Locane, P See, JP Griffiths, Ian Farrer, DA Ritchie, PW Brouwer, V Kashcheyevs, M Kataoka, Nature Comm. 10, 1-7, 2019, 22 Nov 2019.

 "Long-term transmission of entangled photons from a single quantum dot over deployed fiber". Xiang Z-HHuwer JStevenson RMSkiba-Szymanska JWard MBFarrer I, Ritchie DA, Shields AJ. Sci Rep 9(1):4111 11 Mar 2019.

"Zero-Magnetic Field Fractional Quantum States". Kumar S; Pepper M; Holmes SN; Montagu H; Gul Y; Ritchie DA; Farrer I . Phys Rev Lett 122(8):086803 01 Mar 2019.

"A Josephson relation for fractionally charged anyons". Kapfer M; Roulleau P; Santin M; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Glattli DC. Science 363(6429):846-849 22 Feb 2019.

"Frequency-tunable continuous-wave random lasers at terahertz frequencies". Biasco SBeere HE, Ritchie DA, Li LDavies AGLinfield EHVitiello MS. Light Sci Appl 8:43 2019. 

"Systematic Study of Ferromagnetism in CrxSb2-xTe3 Topological Insulator Thin Films using Electrical and Optical Techniques".  Singh A, Kamboj VSLiu J, Llandro JDuffy LBSenanayak SP, Beere HE, Ionescu A, Ritchie DA, Hesjedal T. Sci Rep 8(1):17024 19 Nov 2018.

"LO-Phonon Emission Rate of Hot Electrons from an On-Demand Single-Electron Source in a GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure"Johnson NEmary CRyu SSim H-SSee PFletcher JDGriffiths JPJones GACFarrer IRitchie DA. Phys Rev Lett 121(13):137703 28 Sep 2018.

"Imaging the Zigzag Wigner Crystal in Confinement-Tunable Quantum Wires". Ho S-CChang H-JChang C-HLo S-TCreeth GKumar SFarrer IRitchie D, Griffiths JJones G. Phys Rev Lett 121(10):106801 07 Sep 2018.

"A quantum light-emitting diode for the standard telecom window around 1,550 nm".Müller TSkiba-Szymanska JKrysa ABHuwer JFelle MAnderson M, Stevenson RMHeffernan JRitchie DA, Shields AJ. Nat Commun 9(1):862 28 Feb 2018.

"Quantum Engineering of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Based Intermediate Band Solar Cells".  Beattie NSSee PZoppi GUshasree PMDuchamp MFarrer IRitchie DA, Tomić S. ACS Photonics 4(11):2745-2750 15 Nov 2017.

 "On-Chip Andreev Devices: Hard Superconducting Gap and Quantum Transport in Ballistic Nb-In0.75 Ga0.25 As-Quantum-Well-Nb Josephson Junctions". Delfanazari K, Puddy RKMa PYi TCao MGul YFarrer IRitchie DA, Joyce HJ, Kelly MJ. Adv Mater 29(37):Oct 2017.

 "Terahertz Nanoscopy of Plasmonic Resonances with a Quantum Cascade Laser".  Degl'Innocenti R, Wallis R, Wei B, Xiao L, Kindness S, Mitrofanov OBraeuninger-Weimer P, Hofmann S, Beere H, Ritchie D. ACS Photonics 4(9):2150-2157 20 Sep 2017.

 "External amplitude and frequency modulation of a terahertz quantum cascade laser using metamaterial/graphene devices". Kindness SJ, Jessop DSWei B, Wallis RKamboj VS, Xiao L, Ren YBraeuninger-Weimer P, Aria AI, Hofmann SSci Rep 7(1):7657 09 Aug 2017.

"Anisotropic Pauli Spin Blockade of Holes in a GaAs Double Quantum Dot". Wang DQKlochan OHung J-TCulcer DFarrer IRitchie DA, Hamilton AR. Nano Lett 16(12):7685-7689 14 Dec 2016. 

 "A semiconductor photon-sorter". Bennett AJLee JP, Ellis DJPFarrer I, Ritchie DA, Shields AJ. Nat Nanotechnol 11(10):857-860 Oct 2016.

"Cavity-enhanced coherent light scattering from a quantum dot". Bennett AJLee JP, Ellis DJPMeany T, Murray EFloether FFGriffths JPFarrer I, Ritchie DA, Shields AJ. Sci Adv 2(4):e1501256 Apr 2016.

 "Graphene based plasmonic terahertz amplitude modulator operating above 100 MHz". Jessop DSKindness SJ, Xiao L, Braeuninger-Weimer P, Lin HRen YRen CXHofmann S, Zeitler JA, Beere HE. Applied Physics Letters 108(17):25 Apr 2016.

"Time-of-Flight Measurements of Single-Electron Wave Packets in Quantum Hall Edge States". Kataoka MJohnson NEmary CSee PGriffiths JPJones GACFarrer IRitchie DA, Pepper M, Janssen TJBM. Phys Rev Lett 116(12):126803 25 Mar 2016. 

"Ultra-low-power hybrid light-matter solitons". Walker PM; Tinkler L; Skryabin DV; Yulin A; Royall B; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Skolnick MS; Krizhanovskii DN.  Nat Commun 6(1):8317  24 Sep 2015.

"Harvesting dissipated energy with a mesoscopic ratchet". Roche B; Roulleau P; Jullien T; Jompol Y; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Glattli. Nat Commun 6(1):6738  01 Apr 2015.

"All-electric all-semiconductor spin field-effect transistors". Chuang P; Ho S-C; Smith LW; Sfigakis F; Pepper M; Chen C-H; Fan J-C; Griffiths JP; Farrer I; Beere HE.  Nat Nanotechnol 10(1):35-39 Jan 2015.

"Low-bias terahertz amplitude modulator based on split-ring resonators and graphene". Degl'Innocenti R; Jessop DS; Shah YD; Sibik J; Zeitler JA; Kidambi PR; Hofmann S; Beere HE; Ritchie DA. ACS Nano 8(3):2548-2554 25 Mar 2014.

"Coherent dynamics of a telecom-wavelength entangled photon source". Ward MB; Dean MC; Stevenson RM; Bennett AJ; Ellis DJP; Cooper K; Farrer I; Nicoll CA; Ritchie DA; Shields AJ. Nat Commun 5(1):3316 (2014).

 A full list of publication can be found here.


Professor of Experimental Physics
Head of Semiconductor Physics
Fellow and Director of Studies in Physics at Robinson College
Professor David  Ritchie

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Room 358a Mott Building,
Cavendish Laboratory,
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+44 (0)1223 337331


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Quantum Devices and Measurements
Experimental condensed matter physics
Quantum Information
Emergent Quantum Phenomena
Nanoscience at Surfaces
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Quantum materials