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Professor Charles G. Smith has worked on nano-electrical and nano-mechanical devices since 1985 [1]. He pioneered electrical transport work on GaAs quantum dots [2] and techniques for measuring single electron charge movement in those dots, initially at low frequencies [3] and more recently high frequencies readout techniques for quantum technology applications [4, 5, 6]. He has developed a number of low-temperature scanning probe techniques for measuring nano-devices [7, 8]. Recently he has been working on carbon-based devices [9, 10], superconductor-semiconductor hybrid devices and scaling of quantum devices [11]. He is also the founder of two spin-out companies Cavendish-Kinetics Ltd [12] based on his early nano-mechanical research and Cambridge Lab on Chip Ltd. He is PI on two newly awarded EPSRC grant EP/S019324/1 "Multiplexed Quantum Integrated Circuits" investigating scaling up of quantum devices and is lead Cambridge CI on a new program grant lead by Sir Michael Pepper at UCL EP/R029075/1 "Non-Ergodic Quantum Manipulation" aimed at looking for many body localisation in disorder semiconductor nano-structures.

Curriculum Vitae


Quantum phenomena in semiconductor nano-devices devices; Imaging and probing quantum phenomena using novel low-temperature probes; Investigating the physics of nano-MEMS devices; Spin injection in semiconductors; Carbon nanotubes and graphene; Laboratory on a chip micro-fluidic pumping; Self-assembly; scaling quantum devices; many-body localization; hybrid semiconductor superconductor nano-devices.


Key publications: 

1. "The Physics and Fabrication of Ultra-Thin Free-Standing Wires". C. G. Smith, H. Ahmed, M. J. Kelly, and M. N. Wybourne, Supperlattices and Microstructures, 1, 153, (1985).

2. "Quantum Ballistic Transport Through a Zero-Dimensional Structure". C. G. Smith, M. Pepper, H. Ahmed J. E. Frost, D. G. Hasko, D. C. Peacock, D. A. Ritchie, G. A. C. Jones, Supperlattices and Microstructures, 5, 599, (1989).

3. "Measurement of Coulomb Blockade with a Non-Invasive Voltage Probe". M. Field, C. G. Smith, M. Pepper, D. A. Ritchie, J. E. F. Frost, G. A. C. Jones, D. G. Hasko. Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 1311, (1993).

4. "Demonstration of a quantum cellular automata cell in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure". F. Perez-Martinez, I. Farrer, D. Anderson, G> A. C. Jones, D. A. Ritchie, S. J. Chorley, and C. G. Smith, Appl. Phys. Lett 91, 032102 (2007).

5. "Charge and spin state readout of a double quantum dot coupled to a resonator" KD Petersson, CG Smith, D Anderson, P Atkinson, GAC Jones, DA Ritchie. Nano letters 10 (8), 2789-2793 (2010).

6. "Multiplexed charge-locking device for large arrays of quantum devices" R. K. Puddy, L. W. Smith, H. Al-Taie, C. H. Chong, I. Farrer, J. P. Griffiths, D. A. Ritchie, M. J. Kelly, M Pepper, C. G. Smith. Applied Physics Letters 107 (14), 143501 (2015).

7. "Erasable electrostatic lithography for quantum components". R. Crook, A. C. Graham, C. G. Smith, I. Farrer, H. E. Beere, D. A. Ritchie. NATURE424 (6950): 751-754 (AUG 14 2003).

8. "Conductance quantization at a half-integer plateau in a symmetric GaAs quantum wire". Crook R., Prance J., Thomas K. J., Chorley S. J., Farrer I., Ritchie D. A., Pepper M. and Smith C. G., Science, 312, 1359-1362, (2006).

9. "Imaging bulk and edge transport near the Dirac point in graphene moiré superlattices" Z. Dou, S. Morikawa, A. Cresti, S. W. Wang, C. G. Smith, C. Melios, O. Kazakova, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Masubuchi, T. Machida, M. R. Connolly. Nano letters 18 (4), 2530-2537 (2018)

10. "Gigahertz quantized charge pumping in graphene quantum dots" M. R. Connolly, K. L. Chiu, S. P. Giblin, M. Kataoka, J. D. Fletcher, C. Chua, J. P. Griffiths, G. A. C. Jones, V. I. Fal'Ko, C. G. Smith, T. J. B. M. Janssen. Nature nanotechnology 8 (6), 417 (2013). 

11. "On‐Chip Andreev Devices: Hard Superconducting Gap and Quantum Quantum Transport in Ballistic Nb–In0. 75Ga0. 25As‐Quantum‐Well–Nb Josephson Junctions".  Kaveh Delfanazari, Reuben K Puddy, Pengcheng Ma, Teng Yi, Moda Cao, Yilmaz Gul, Ian Farrer, David A Ritchie, Hannah J Joyce, Michael J Kelly, Charles G Smith. Adv. Mater., 1701836 (2017)


Please visit my publications page for a more comprehensive list.

Professor of Semiconductor Physics
Professorial Fellow of Clare Hall
Professor Charles  Smith

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Room 358 Mott Building,
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Quantum Information
low dimensions
Emergent Quantum Phenomena