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Dr Andy Irvine received his doctorate from the University of Sussex in 1993 for work on point-defect dynamics and spectroscopy in irradiated and as-grown III-V semiconductors. A post-doc position at the University of Sheffield was followed in 1996 by another in the Microelectronics Research Centre, leading to an established post in 2002. Dr Irvine specialises in the design and fabrication of semiconductor devices which demonstrate novel physical effects.


Design, fabrication, materials science and physics of semiconductor devices. Currently working on single-photon detectors based on gallium arsenide. Principally involved in device design and fabrication, and specialising in e-beam lithography for nanoscale devices. Previously involved in silicon-based coulomb blockade memory devices and numerous specialised transistor structures in a range of III-V compounds. 


Key publications: 

"Inertial displacement of a domain wall excited by ultra-short circularly polarized laser pulses", T. Janda, P. E. Roy, R. M. Otxoa, Z. Šobáň, A. Ramsay, A. C. Irvine, F. Trojanek, M. Surýnek, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher, P. Němec, T. Jungwirth and J. Wunderlich, Nature Communications, 8 15226 (2017).

"Anisotropic magnetocapacitance in ferromagnetic-plate capacitors", J. A. Haigh, C. Ciccarelli, A. C. Betz, A. Irvine, V. Novák, T. Jungwirth and J. Wunderlich, Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 91 (14) 140409 (2015).

"An antidamping spin-orbit torque originating from the Berry curvature", H. Kurebayashi, J. Sinova, D. Fang, A. C. Irvine, T. D. Skinner, J. Wunderlich, V. Novák, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher, E. K. Vehstedt, L. P. Zârbo, K. Výborný, A. J. Ferguson and T. Jungwirth, Nature Nanotechnology 9 (3) 211 (2014).

"Spin Hall Effect Transistor", J. Wunderlich, B. G. Park, A. C. Irvine, L. P. Zârbo, E. Rozkotová, P. Nemec, V. Novák, J. Sinova and T. Jungwirth, Science 330, 1801 (2010).

"Coulomb oscillations of indium-doped ZnO nanowire transistors in a magnetic field", X. L. Xu, A. C. Irvine, Y. Yang, X. Zhang and D. A. Williams, Phys. Rev. B 82, 195309 (2010)

"Spin-injection Hall effect in a planar photovoltaic cell", J. Wunderlich, A. C. Irvine, J. Sinova, B. G. Park, L. P. Zârbo, X. L. Xu, B. Kaestner, V. Novák, and T. Jungwirth, Nature Physics 5, 675 (2009).

"The origin and control of the sources of AMR in (Ga,Mn)As devices", A. W. Rushforth, K. Výborný, C. S. King, K. W. Edmonds, R. P. Campion, C. T. Foxon, J. Wunderlich, A. C. Irvine, V. Novák, K. Olejnk, A. A. Kovalev, J. Sinova, T. Jungwirth and B. L. Gallagher, J. Magn. Magnetic Mat. 321 1001 (2009)

"Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Components in (Ga,Mn)As", A. W. Rushforth, K. Výborný, C. S. King, K. W. Edmonds, R. P. Campion, C. T. Foxon, J. Wunderlich, A. C. Irvine, P. Vašek, V. Novák, K. Olejník, J. Sinova T. Jungwirth and B. L. Gallagher, Physical Review Letters 99 147207 (2007).

"Local control of magnetocrystalline anisotropy in (Ga,Mn)As microdevices: Demonstration in current-induced switching", J. Wunderlich, A. C. Irvine, J. Zemen, V. Holý, A. W. Rushforth, E. De Ranieri, U. Rana, K. Výborný, J. Sinova, C. T. Foxon, R. P. Campion, D. A. Williams, B. L. Gallagher and T. Jungwirth, Physical Review B 76 054424 (2007).

"Coulomb blockade anisotropic magnetoresistance effect in a (Ga,Mn)As single-electron transistor", J. Wunderlich, T. Jungwirth, B. Kaestner, A. C. Irvine, A. B. Schick, N. Stone, K.-Y. Wang, U. Rana, A. D. Giddings, C. T. Foxon, R. P. Campion, D. A. Williams and B. L. Gallagher, Physical Review Letters 97 (7) 077201 (2006).

"A high-speed silicon-based few-electron memory with metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor gain element", A. C. Irvine, Z. A. K. Durrani and H. Ahmed, Journal of Applied Physics 87 (12) 8594-8603 (2000).

Senior Research Associate
Fellow of Girton College
Dr Andy  Irvine

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