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Siân Dutton is a Professor in Physics and Solid State Chemistry at the Cavendish Laboratory in the University of Cambridge and Director of the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability. Siân completed her DPhil. on the ‘Synthesis and Characterisation of Mixed Metal Oxides’ under the supervision of Prof. Peter Battle. She then moved to Princeton University for postdoctoral work with Prof. Bob Cava on geometrically frustrated magnets. Since 2012 Siân has been based at the Cavendish Laboratory first as a Winton Advanced Research Fellow, and subsequently as a University Lecturer (2015) and Reader (2018). Her multidisciplinary research group explores the relationships between composition, structure, and physical properties with a focus on energy materials, including materials for rechargeable batteries, hybrid perovskites and low temperature magnetocalorics.


Siân’s research is on the use of complex oxides in energy applications including batteries, solid state magnetic cooling and photovoltaics. Her work focuses on using chemical manipulation to alter the crystal and electronic structure with the aim of controlling the physical properties. Current projects include investigating low temperature metastable materials for use in batteries, exploring the viability of Mg-ion batteries and understanding the role of structure and spin dimensionality in lanthanide oxides and how this impacts their use for magnetic cooling.


Deputy Head of Department
Professor of Physics and Solid State Chemistry
Director, Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability​
Fellow, Jesus College
Dr Sian E Dutton

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Room 1.84 Maxwell Centre
Cavendish Laboratory
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Cambridge, CB3 0HE
Room G06, Department of Chemistry,
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Cambridge, CB2 1EW
+44 (0)1223 764159