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Department of Physics

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Suchitra holds an MS and PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She moved to the University of Cambridge as a Junior Research Fellow in Physics at Trinity College. After a period as a Royal Society University Research Fellow and University Lecturer in Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory, she was promoted to a Readership in Physics in 2017 and Professorship in Physics in 2020. Suchitra was named as one of thirty 'Exceptional Young Scientists' by the World Economic Forum in 2013 and one of the top ten 'Next big names in Physics' by the Financial Times. She received the L'Oreal-UNESCO fellowship for women in science in 2013, among other awards including the Lee-Osheroff-Richardson Prize (2007); Young Scientist Medal in Magnetism (2012); Moseley Medal (2012); Philip Leverhulme Prize (2015); and Brian Pippard Prize (2015).


Suchitra creates and studies interesting quantum materials - often under extreme conditions such as very high magnetic fields, enormous pressures, and very low temperatures - with a view to discovering unusual phases of matter. Materials families she studies include novel magnets and unconventional temperature superconductors - which have the exciting property of transporting electricity with no energy loss. Read more about Suchitra’s research here:


Key publications: 

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