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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Research at the Cavendish Laboratory is organised into ten key themes.

These fields encompass a variety of research groups, each with its own scientific aims and ambitions but united by two common goals:

  • the search for a fundamental understanding of the Universe and the laws which govern it

  • seeking new ways to apply the laws of nature.

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  • Fundamental Physics of Quantum Matter (coming soon)

  • Synthetic Quantum Systems (coming soon)

  • Quantum Information and Control (coming soon)

Some of the activities in the Department involve substantive collaborations with other Departments and/or span the interests of number of Groups in the Department. Our Research Programmes involve collaborative research and teaching, which help expand the research of the Department into new areas in which Physics can make substantive innovative contributions.

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The Laboratory has a number of formal collaborations with Industrial Partners, International Organisations and Formal Partnerships within the University. 

Read more on our Collaborative Programmes