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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory


The laboratory is very conscious of its role in communicating the importance and excitement of contemporary physics and its cognate disciplines to young people and the general public. One of the key roles of the Educational Outreach Office is to stimulate interest and encourage wider participation in physics amongst 11-19 year olds. These initiatives are all the more important in the light of the needs of the country for more physics teachers and for a more scientifically literate population. Solving many of the challenges facing the world will rely heavily upon public appreciation of what science can do to better the world.

In support of these initiatives, the Laboratory supports a full-time Educational Outreach Officer who runs the Education Outreach Office. The flagship event organised by the Laboratory each year is the annual "Physics at Work" exhibition, an opportunity for secondary school children to view the many uses of physics in everyday life.

The Outreach Office has numerous different roles and is involved in several development initiatives:

For more information about educational and public events, please visit the Outreach website.