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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

paw1The Outreach Office's role has expanded over the years. With this expansion, new visions and aspirations are created, some are described below.

Centre of Physics

The success of the outreach events, like "Physics at Work", has made it necessary to consider the creation of a dedicated Centre of Physics.

fordThe vision of a Centre of Physics would include a well equipped, core team of outreach officers dedicated to demonstrating the real life applications of physics, showing that physics is an accessible and relevant subject.

The Cavendish Museum

Physics in Cambridge has a long and illustrious past. The Cavendish Museum was set up to preserve this heritage. However, there is a desire Physics at Workto improve the interaction between viewer and display. One such idea is an electronic guided tour as well as updating the present printed media that is supplied to a visitor.

Industrial partnerships

Educating the next generation of physicists is an important role of the Cavendish. Whilst the Laboratory is in control of degree level education, there are opportunities for the Department to help primary and secondary schools and their science teachers. Supported through industrial partnerships, an afternoon workshop for school children is one such example that will benefit pupils and inspire teachers. The development of these links is crucial for more workshops centred around teaching physics and providing physics resources for schools.

Existing partnerships feature in the annual "Physics at Work" exhibition. Exhibits are organised by various groups in the department, as well as industrial partners, all eager to show the applications of physics in research and industry.