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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Monday 16th February 1998: 10:15 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 97-8/2 (already circulated)
    • Feedback on supervisions - E. Marseglia to report.
    • Safety in Part II labs - P.F. Scott to report (arising from 97-8/1).
  2. Working Group Reports
    Reports are expected from all the year groups (no papers received yet).
  3. Teaching Quality Assessment
    Report on progess
  4. IoP Accreditation
    Visit anticipated - not before mid-March.
  5. Lecturers 1998-9
    Assignment of staff to lecture courses, classes and examining.
  6. Part II/III Guides
    Do we need to distribute these, now they are included in the Course Handbook? Suggest to issue a short update sheet. Could all members of the TC check if anything needs to be changed?
  7. Further work
    What should be the status of "further work" for students who degrade?
  8. Non-completion of syllabus
    Letter from P.J. Duffett-Smith enclosed.
  9. Leave
    To note requests for leave from Dr. Needs (LEM'99), Dr. Ball (L'99) and Prof. Pepper (LEM'99)
  10. AOB