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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

This year the Teacher's Symposium was held in-person at The Cavendish Laboratory. The free two day event was for Physics and A level Maths teachers, who currently use Isaac Physics in their teaching or may explore it in future. The aim of the symposium was to network with other teachers, work in groups to gain familiarity with wide range of Isaac Physics resources, discuss the value of problem solving in physics, embed Isaac Physics assignments in the teaching schemes and understand how to use Isaac Physics assessment data to support the students. 

Nearly ninety UK science and mathematics teachers (mainly with specialisms in teaching Physics) visited the Cavendish Laboratory for this year's two-day Continual Professional Development course led by Isaac Physics. The teachers were able to network as well as gain top tips on using Isaac Physics to improve their classroom practice and reduce workload-related stress using Isaac Physics’ self-marking assessment tools. At this event, the Isaac Physics team was able to announce the new developments which have been taking place recently - such as support for Year 12 Chemistry, new books of questions for GCSE Mathematics, Pre-GCSE Physics and Synoptic Physics in the Sixth Form. Excitingly, classroom resources for younger students (year 7-8) were also unveiled, including a terrific practical involving the tensile properties of strawberry bootlace sweets. The teachers were treated to a delicious evening meal at Churchill College, and an entertaining bar quiz all under the watchful eye of the event leader, Isaac Physics’ Teacher Support Manager: Ingrid Murray. The feedback to this event has been terrific, with teachers feeling valued and supported.

One teacher commented online, "Did you go to #IPTS22 with @isaacphysics ? I was astounded at the participation from all sectors of the communities in the UK, including large numbers of women. I really believe this outstanding community could be key in addressing this issue."

And another teacher shared, "Thank you to all the exceptional people at @isaacphysics who have made this event possible. What a wonderful opportunity to share good practice, responses, expertise, and inspiration. I hope we all keep in touch in some form, and continue to support each other #IPTS22"

Another wrote, "Awesome weekend at @isaacphysics teacher symposium! Had a great time, learned a lot, met so many brilliant physicists, got my free books & goody bags, enjoyed a great stay and loads of yummy food. It was lovely to meet the brains behind Isaac Physics."

If you are interested in Isaac Physics Expert Teacher awards or becoming an Ambassador, then you can find more information here.