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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

We are delighted to  report  that the IOP has announced that awards have been made to the following members of the Cavendish Laboratory:-

Professor Mark Warner FRS and Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright have been awarded the IOP's 2019 Bragg Medal.  "For jointly setting up and directing the Isaac Physics programme which has revolutionised physics education for teachers and students in an extraordinary number of UK schools and is now attracting international attention."

Professor Nigel Cooper has been awarded the IOP's 2019 John William Strutt, Lord Rayleigh Medal and Prize.  "For profound contributions to the quantum theory of many-particle systems, concerning both topological phases of cold atoms in artificial gauge fields and novel phenomena in electronic materials."

Professor Sir Mike Pepper, currently the Pender Chair of Nanoelectronics at UCL, and Emeritus Professor in the Semiconductor Physics Group of the Cavendish Laboratory has been awarded the IOP's most prestigious medal the 2019 Isaac Newton Medal and Prize "for the creation of the field of semiconductor nanoelectronics and discovery of new quantum phenomena."