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In publishing the third edition we express thanks to the following for their help: all the original contributors, Professor A. Howie, Dr S. Gull and Mr K. Papworth. We are also grateful to CUSU, the University Computing Service, the University Printing Service, all those who worked on earlier editions and the many others whose help was invaluable.

We also acknowledge the kind permission to reprint previously published material given by: The Editor of Nature for "The Cambridge Physical Laboratory" from Nature, June 25th 1874, and for the adapted article "Sir Lawrence Bragg" from the issue of September 3rd 1971. The Editor of Physics Today for Prof. Devons' article on Rutherford, first appearing in Physics Today, December 1972. The Editor of Cambridge University Reporter for Maxwell's report on the Cavendish Laboratory, from the University Reporter, May 15th 1877.