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Oliwia Zawadzka receiving her award certificate

Many congratulations to our Reseach Laboratory Apprentice Oliwia Zawadzka for her recent win at the CSR Community award 2023.

Oliwia received this national award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the community by raising awareness of apprenticeships and inspiring others, through her talks at our recent Physics at Work event.

She’s also appeared in one of our Meet our Apprentices videos, helping to raise awareness of apprenticeships at the Cavendish Laboratory on social media. 

Oliwia is one of the Cavendish Laboratory's successful apprentices currently learning the ropes to become a professional lab technician with the Physics of Medicine research groups. She is studying for a level 3 applied science course.

When asked what she would tell anyone considering an apprenticeship as their next step, Oliwia says: "Just do it. You don't have to look like a certain type of person to start it. Just go in, do what you do best, and have fun."

The Cavendish Laboratory welcomes and trains apprentices in our labs and workshops all year long. The professional training our apprentices get at the Cavendish lead them to do great things.

Find out more about apprenticeships at the Cavendish Laboratory.