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Andy Parker is a Professor of High Energy Physics at Cambridge University, with over 500 publications on aspects of particle physics and other topics. His current research interests involve experiments to reveal new physics such as extra space dimensions, quantum-sized black holes, and supersymmetry. He is a founder of the ATLAS experiment for the Large Hadron Collider, and for 6 years he was the project leader for the ATLAS Inner Detector and a member of the Executive Board. His technical work has included the development of silicon detectors, fast electronics and large software systems, as well as data analysis and pattern recognition. He has served in various roles in ATLAS, including as UK Physics Coordinator and chair of the Publications Committee.

He has worked with the Oncology Department on computational methods for radiotherapy, including the Voxtox and Radnet projects.

He was a Fellow and then Staff Physicist at CERN from 1982-1989 and briefly a Stagiere Etranger at the Centre des Etudes Nucleaire, Saclay, Paris before being appointed as a Lecturer in Cambridge in 1989. He was made a Professor in 2004 and served as Deputy Head of Department (Finance and Resources) from 2010-2013 and then Head of Department between 2013 and 2023.

He has served on numerous committees for CERN, the UK Research Councils, international funding agencies and the University. He was awarded the Pilkington Prize for excellence in teaching in 1997. He is currently a member of the International Advisory Board for the Future Circular Collider and a member of the Research Assessment Physical Sciences Panel for Hong Kong. He is a Science Partner with Ahren Investment Capital. 


His primary research interests are in physics beyond the standard model of particle physics, with many publications on searches for supersymmetric particles and strong gravity processes in extra space dimensions. As Director of the Cambridge eScience Centre from 2001-2008, he was responsible for grid computing initiatives across the University, including projects in life sciences, earth sciences, medicine, physics, chemistry and engineering, all requiring the sharing of large computational and data resources. This has led to research interests outside of high energy physics, including computational radiotherapy, muon tomography and artificial photosynthesis.




Key publications: 

Efficient biologically inspired photocell enhanced by delocalized quantum states, Creatore C, Parker MA, Emmott S, Chin AW Physical Review Letters  111.25  18 Dec 2013

Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LHC, ATLAS Collaboration,  Phys. Lett. B 716 (2012) 1-29

Exploring higher dimensional black holes at the large hadron collider. C.M. Harris, M.J. Palmer, Michael Andrew Parker (Cambridge U.) , P. Richardson (Durham U., IPPP) , A. Sabetfakhri, B.R. Webber (Cambridge U.). CAVENDISH-HEP-04-29, ATL-COM-PHYS-2004-067, Nov 2004. 23pp. Published in JHEP 0505:053,2005. e-Print: hep-ph/041102

Exploring small extra dimensions at the large hadron collider.B.C. Allanach (Annecy, LAPTH) , K. Odagiri (KEK, Tsukuba) , M.J. Palmer, Michael Andrew Parker, A. Sabetfakhri, B.R. Webber (Cambridge U.). CAVENDISH-HEP-02-18, CERN-TH-2002-227, LAPTH-941-02, KEK-TH-851, ATL-COM-PHYS-2002-043, Nov 2002. 23pp. Published in JHEP 0212:039,2002. e-Print: hep-ph/0211205

Determining SUSY model parameters and masses at the LHC using cross-sections, kinematic edges and other observables. Christopher G. Lester, Michael Andrew Parker, Martin J. White (Cambridge U.). CAVENDISH-HEP-2005-15, CAV-HEP-2005-15, ATL-PHYS-PUB-2005-013, ATL-COM-PHYS-2005-033, Aug 2005. 43pp. Published in JHEP 0601:080,2006. e-Print: hep-ph/0508143

A Precision measurement of direct CP violation in the decay of neutral kaons into two pions. By NA48 Collaboration (J.R. Batley et al.). CERN-EP-2002-061, Jul 2002. 19pp. Published in Phys.Lett.B544:97-112,2002. e-Print: hep-ex/020800

An Improved determination of the ratio of W and Z masses at the CERN anti-p p collider. By UA2 Collaboration (J. Alitti et al.). CERN-PPE-91-163, Sep 1991. 18pp. Published in Phys.Lett.B276:354-364,1992.

GridPP: Development of the UK computing Grid for particle physics. By GridPP Collaboration (P.J.W. Faulkner et al.). 2006. Published in J.Phys.G32:N1-N20,2006.

Complete list of publications.

Master of Peterhouse
Emeritus Professor of High Energy Physics
Ex Head of Department, Cavendish Laboratory
Professorial Fellow of Peterhouse
Professor Andy  Parker

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Bragg Building, Room 211 (via 210)
Cavendish Laboratory,
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+44 (0)1223 337429


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Computational Radiotherapy
High Energy Physics
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