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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Athene Donald photoProfessor Dame Athene Donald is the University’s first Gender Equality Champion, and writes a personal blog on gender issues. Prof. Donald was one of the 9 Cambridge scientists listed amongst the top 100 people in a Science Council initiative, aimed at recognising the many heroes of science.


h.stern.jpegHannah Stern is a graduate student in the Optoelectronics Group in the Cavendish. Here I work in a research lab where we study the charge dynamics of organic semiconductors using laser spectroscopy. The work is hands-on, interesting and always challenging. As one of the women in the lab group I find the environment supportive, incredibly friendly and very collaborative.

 My path to working at the Cavendish came about in an unusual way; While I was working as a guide in the New Zealand mountains I met a Cambridge physicist who encouraged me to apply to the Cavendish. I have never looked back!


Yvette Perrott.jpgYvette Perrott came to the Cavendish Astrophysics Group to do my PhD in 2010, and now have a Junior Research Fellowship from Trinity College. My research is radio astronomy based, focussing on detecting clusters of galaxies via their effect on the Cosmic Microwave Background, as well as looking at regions of massive star formation and spinning dust in our own Galaxy.