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Agenda 1999 04 19

Monday 19th April 1999: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 98-9/5 (already circulated)
    • Part III Options with Chemistry - progress from PBL?
    • Shock Waves Option JRW
    • Physics of the Earth field trip JRW
    • Female students' meeting
    • Classing in Part II and III MSL
    • Consultative Committee comments on Superconductivity, TP1 and Thermal Physics JRW
    • Organising the Web
    • Notice Boards for IA, IB DRW
  2. Guidelines for examiners 
    SFG to report on meeting with senior examiners.
  3. Teaching changes for 1999-2000
    Further changes to lecturer assignments:
    A.N.Lasenby on leave 1999-2000; P.P.Dendy retiring; S.Popsecu leaving.
    Revised syllabuses VG; notably IB Dynamics (circulated)
  4. Examiners and Classes for 1999-2000
    Lists of current assignments to classes, and history of examining, are circulated.
  5. Part II Atomic and Light
    Report on any progress from DRW.
  6. Part II and III Solid State
    Report on progress from PBL.
  7. Single Subject Physics review
    CJBF to report
  8. Review of Computational Physics
    Report from SFG.
  9. IB Advanced Exam
    Report from SFG on meeting with senior examiners.
  10. IoP Accreditation
    Visit scheduled for May 20th. Draft schedule circulated.
  11. Brief items
    • QCA Report on A-levels (circulated for information).
    • Staff Handbook JRW
    • Teaching in Departmental Administration JRW, MSL
  12. AOB
    Date of next meeting(s)