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Agenda 1999 01 06

Wednesday 6th January 1999: 09:00 - Committee Room

  1. An outside view of Cavendish Teaching 
    Sanjoy Mahajan; a note to be circulated before meeting.
  2. MMA of 98-9/2 (already circulated)
    • M.Sci. for Affiliated Students
    • Oversubscription of E1
    • Part III Options with other departments - progress from PBL?
  3. Guidelines for examiners 
    (SFG to report)
  4. Consultative Committees
    Minutes attached from the Physics CC meeting of 3 December, and the Maths CC meeting of 13 November.
  5. Supervisions
    Report from E.Marseglia if available.
  6. Teaching changes for 1999-2000
    Further discussion.
  7. Review of Waves and Optics
    Report from JRW.
  8. AOB
    Date of next meeting(s)