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Agenda 1998 12 04

Friday 4th December 1998: 14:00 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 98-9/1 (already circulated)
    • Safety
    • M.Sci. for Affiliated Students
    • Cockcroft developments
    • Guidelines for examiners (SFG)
    • Staff Handbook (JRW)
    • Late submission of work in IA/IB (JRW)
    • IoP A-level Initiative (JRW)
  2. Consultative Committee
    Matters arising from the meeting of 3 December.
  3. Subject Review
    Further post mortem? 
    Contents of Base Room.
  4. Part III Options with other departments
    Report from PBL investigation.
  5. Review of Waves and Optics
    Report from JRW.
  6. Teaching changes for 1999-2000
    First review.
  7. Arrangements for Working Groups
    • Revision of Solid State in Part II (and III)
    • Computing
    • Review of IB Single Subject Physics
  8. Payment for NUTO Lecturers
  9. Maths in NST
    Recent meeting attended by PBL.
  10. Short Items
    • Anonymity in TP1 and TP2 exams (PBL to report)
    • Part III General Relativity - request for substitution
    • Teaching Prize (MSL to report)
    • Rota of chairmen for IA and IB NST (JRW to report)
  11. AOB