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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Wednesday 11th November 1998: 10:15 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 97-8/9 (already circulated)
    • Comments from Part III Exam critics (circulated for information).
    • MSL's response to External Examiners' reports - has met with approval from the General Board.
    • Experience of training for supervisors and demonstrators.
    • Progress with IA Class
    • E-mail list of supervisors
    • Committee Membership
    • Progress with IB Advanced Exam
    • Progress with Maths teaching in NST
    • Overseas one-year students - response from Faculty Board - CalTech one-term exchanges.
  2. IoP A-level initiative
    Our response.
  3. Subject Review
    Post mortem. What can we learn from the experience?
  4. First year teaching
    Letter from V.Heine to the Teaching Committee.
  5. Examples Classes
    Guidance for Demonstrators (PBL) - already circulated for the present year, but does the TC have any comments?
  6. Allocation to Literature Reviews
    E-mail from D.Khmelnitskii
  7. Consultation on use of answer books in exams
    Paper from N.Branson.
  8. Networking in the Cockcroft
    TC's guidance has been sought.
  9. Part III Options with other departments
    Response from Chemistry
    Organization of PBL investigation.
  10. Review of Waves and Optics
    Organization and brief.
  11. AOB