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Agenda 1998 06 23

Tuesday 23th June 1998: 09:00 - Committee Room

  1. Gender Issues
    Deferred from previous meeting. All women teaching staff invited to attend. Papers attached.
  2. MMA of 97-8/6 (already circulated)
    • Progress on IA Practicals
    • Progress on Maths teaching in NST
    • Status of Further Work for student who has degraded
    • Check on regulations for Part II (General)
    • Supervision for Part III Theoretical Physics course
  3. Courses and Handbook 1998-9
    Any last minute changes before the Reporter entry goes in?
    • Draft syllabus for IB Condensed Matter Physics (attached)
    • Part III Relativity and Geometry option
  4. Consultative Committee
    Matters arising from the Easter 1998 meeting.
  5. Teaching Quality Assessment
    Review teaching activities which will be taking place during the week 2-5 November and other action necessary.
  6. Meeting with Supervisors
    Discuss any issues raised at the meeting on June 22.
  7. Policy for Masters Level Training
    Papers attached.
  8. Displays
    Replacement for R. Ball in preparing our display for Nat. Sci. Open Days?
  9. AOB