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Agenda 1998 05 25

Monday 25th May 1998: 09:00 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 97-8/5 (already circulated)
    2. Supervisions - summary of questionnaires and actions taken - memo from E.Marseglia attached.
    9. `Critics' for the examinations meeting - R.E.Hills (IB Adv) cannot attend. C.J. Adkins has agreed to serve instead.
  2. MMA of 97-8/4 (already circulated)
    3. Supervisions in Mathematical Concepts. Senior Tutors' Committee have agreed to 4 hours supervision, arranged by Department in cases where College doesn't provide teaching.
  3. Lecturers 1998-9
    • Draft lecture list attached. Please check before the meeting.
    • Soft matter option.
  4. Examiners and Classes 1998-9
    Provisional lists compiled at the last meeting (attached).
  5. Examination Skills
    Deferred from previous meeting.
  6. Part II General
    Can a Long Vacation Project be offered as further work in Part II Special Subject Physics? TC is asked for a ruling.
  7. Teaching Committee
    Review membership and responsibilities for 1998-9. Current list attached.
  8. Admission statistics
  9. Informal review of Waves, Optics and Atomic Physics
  10. Draft Course Handbook 1998-9
    Approve changes to syllabuses.
  11. Consultative Committee
    Matters arising from the Easter 1998 meeting.
  12. Teaching Quality Assessment
    Review teaching activities which will be taking place during the week 2-5 November and other action necessary.
  13. Gender Issues
    Longer term aims: TC members are asked to suggest problems to be tackled over the next two years.
  14. AOB