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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Monday 27th April 1998: 10:15 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 97-8/4 (already circulated)
  2. Supervisions
    E. Marseglia to report.
  3. Practicals
    Report from J.E. Baldwin.
    WA to report on any further discussions with HoC's about improving student perception of practicals.
  4. Lecturers 1998-9
    Assignment of staff to lecture courses (continuation of discussion at previous meetings) - papers tabled at last two meetings. The following courses still need to be decided:
    IB Adv. Optics Hughes/Phillips?
    IB Adv. Optics HoC 
    IB Adv. Solid State Friend?
    IB Mathematical Concepts maybe
    II TP2 
    III TP3 
    III Particle Physics
    III Quantum Properties ... 
    III Optoelectronics ... Hughes/Phillips?
  5. Examiners and Classes 1998-9
    To assign staff to practical and examples classes.
    To recommend examiners.
  6. Consultative Committee
    Minutes of the Lent 1998 meeting (attached). Already discussed at last meetings, but members of TC may wish to raise further points.
  7. Teaching Quality Assessment
    Report on progess. Draft of self-assessment already distributed.
    Need to formalize Marking and Classing criteria, as done in many other departments. 
  8. Examination Skills
    Letter from Dr. Harland and documentation from Engineering enclosed.
  9. Examinations and Supervisors Meetings
    Decide dates.
    Appoint `critics' for the examinations meeting.
  10. Syllabus for Mechanics and Molecules
  11. Working Groups
    Report from working groups on Solid State (PBL), Theoretical Physics (PBL) and Computational Physics (RTP; minutes circulated at last meeting).
  12. AOB