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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Wednesday 18th March 1998: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 97-8/3 (already circulated)
  2. Working Group Reports
    Reports from the IB Advanced group (enclosed).
  3. Practicals
    WA to report on discussions with HoC's about improving student perception of practicals.
    E-mail from R.E. Hills about IB marking (enclosed).
  4. Consultative Committee
    Any items arising from the Lent 1998 meeting.
  5. Teaching Quality Assessment
    Report on progess
    As a by-product, some interesting statistics collated by DAG are attached for information.
  6. Lecturers 1998-9
    Assignment of staff to lecture courses, classes and examining (continuation of discussion at last meeting) - papers tabled at last meeting. The following courses still need to be decided:
    IB Adv. Optics 
    IB Adv. Optics HoC 
    IB Adv. Solid State (maybe - depends on review)
    II Concepts in Physics 
    II TP2 
    III TP3 (maybe - depends on review)
    III Particle Physics (maybe)
    III Superconductivity
    III Quantum Properties ...
    III Modelling
  7. Part II/III Guides
    Now these are incorporated in the Course Handbook, we will just issue a short update sheet. Draft attached for comments.
  8. Termly information sheet
    Should we produce a termly summary of information to keep DoS's informed about courses, deadlines etc.?
  9. Further work
    What should be the status of "further work" for students who degrade?
  10. Part III Maths students taking Part III Physics Courses
    MSL to report
  11. NST Review
    MSL's response to School of Physical Sciences attached for information.
  12. AOB