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Agenda 1997 11 18

Tuesday 18th November 1997: 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 96-7/8 (already circulated)
    Minute 3 - revised Instructions to Examiners have been distributed (copy attached for information).
  2. Changes in teaching
    • P.J. Duffett-Smith to replace R.A.L. Jones as IA Examiner.
    • P. Monthoux added to demonstrators for II Computing, replacing P. Scott.
    • IB Practicals - N.K. Bourne has been replaced by S. Withington in Michaelmas. Leaves a gap in IB Lent Practicals.
    • Need to replace KFR for Electrodynamics+Relativity examples classes.
  3. Payments for external teaching
    • Graduate courses in SP/RA.
    • Practicals in Part III Physics of the Earth... Major Option
    • Part III Modelling in Physics course
  4. External examiners' reports
    • Response to Old Schools (draft to be circulated)
    • To what extent do we make these available to students? (Consultative Committee? Notice Board?)
  5. Student numbers
    IA - 412
    IB Physics 13, Advanced Physics 147
    II SSP-A 1, SSP-B 1
    IIA 7, IIB 99
    III 86
  6. Part II Astrophysics
    • Should teaching in Part II Astrophysics be credited as part of one's departmental teaching load?
    • Should we be trying to compete more actively with Part II Astrophysics? A preliminary discussion is suggested.
  7. Physics Discipline Network Workshop
    DAG to report briefly on recent meeting in Leeds.
  8. Maths for NST
    Need to replace KFR on Syllabus Committee and Consultative Committee.
  9. NST Review
    A note from Julia Riley on the IB review will be distributed before the meeting.
  10. Admission to Part III
    KFR has recommended to the Faculty Board that A. Gerrard (M) and K. Klages (Q) be allowed to proceed to the four year course, despite failing to qualify automatically in Part IB.
  11. Distribution of TC Agenda/Minutes
    Should the agenda and/or minutes of TC meetings be more widely distributed to teaching staff?
  12. AOB