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Agenda 2004 01 13

Physics Teaching Committee Agenda


Tuesday 13th January 2004 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 03-04/1
  2. Items to report to the TC 
    • Staffing of the Teaching Office (WA)
    • Practical class loads throughout NST (WA)
    • New arrangements for practical classes expenditure (WA)
  3. Part II exam structure (WA) 
  4. IOP Visit (MSL) 
  5. Matters arising from Staff-Student Consultative Committee meeting of 4th Dec. (WA) 
  6. IA Practical working group (GACJ) 
  7. Coordination of 1A lectures and practicals (MW) 
  8. Appointment of assessors (RJN) 
  9. Part II Further work: Physics Education (WA) 
  10. Timing of 1B Advanced Theoretical Physics Examples (MW) 
  11. New Part II General in Physical Sciences (MSL) 
  12. Arrangements for Physics Course Handbook (VG) 
  13. Erasmus Students in Physics (MW) 
  14. AOB 
    • Date of next TC meeting(s)