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Department of Physics

The Cavendish Laboratory

Physics Teaching Committee Agenda


Friday 29th November 2002 09:30 - Committee Room

  1. MMA of 02-03/1
    • Teaching Office (WA)
    • Timetabling of Remote Sensing minor option (RJN)
    • Form and Conduct Notices (RJN)
  2. Items to report to the TC (WA) 
    • BW on leave - implications for teaching
    • List of examiners 2002-3
    • Affiliated student accepted for Part II Option B
    • Student numbers for 2002-3
    • Use of calculators in examinations
  3. Later Years Working Party (WA) 
  4. Qualifying mark for 1B Maths for Natural Sciences (WA) 
  5. Consideration of appeal to proceed to Part II Option B (WA) 
  6. Abandoning classing in Part 1A and 1B (MSL) 
  7. PWF resources (WA) 
  8. Part III projects 
    • Paper circulated previously, Prof Khmelnitskii to attend
  9. AOB 
    • Date of next TC meeting(s)